I am PUMPED to welcome to my ‘Freedom to Lose weight’ Hypnotic Program.

I’ve been creating and testing this Program on myself for 6 years – and lost 12 kg without dieting and never stepping into the Gym;
I’ve been refining it on my clients for 4,000+ hours in private practice – and they lost +1310 kg, which means each session made them loosing 0,65 kg!

So that now you can access the quintessence in the most comfortable format – Immersive Online Hypnotic Program.

This is not a trendy one-day mayfly. This is a TIMELESS FOUNDATION for you to be in your best shape every day. CONSISTENTLY.

The Program goes for 13 weeks, but your results will go on and on:)


Your Weight and Appearance –  is a reflection of your regular Actions.
And your regular Actions – are a reflection of your Relationship with Food and your Body.

If the relationship is abusive, kind of like “love & hate” or “pleasure & guilt” – you get stuck deeper and deeper in a vicious Yo-Yo dieting cycle.

In order to get out of it and get rid of Excess Weight once and for all, we will step-by-step build a healthy, free and loving relationship with your Body and Food.

No more constant thoughts about food, binging, dieting, calorie counting, breakdowns, guilt and self-loathing, emotional eating…

BUT, instead…

  • Feeling calm & relaxed around food
  • Free from obsessive thoughts, so that you can focus on your life and your goals
  • Making best choices Subconsciously, without thinking!
  • Eating just until you are fool, leaving food on your plate
  • No diets, restrictions, fears, taboos – you can EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT
  • No gruelling workouts or whatever you hate doing
  • You will ENJOY FOOD as Never before but keep losing weight (Katya’s Formula Module)
  • You will realise that everything is FINE WITH YOU. All you needed was just to adjust some settings
  • You will realise that you can TRUST YOURSELF
  • and forget a fear of gaining weight again
  • The whole Program is based on Self-love. Seeing, understanding and coming back to your TRUE SELF
  • Falling in love with Yourself again – LOVE YOUR REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR. Dress up, go out!

So that you will Naturally lose Weight and keep it off 😍

Just look at these POWERFUL MODULES we will be going through:


Chose the Plan that works for YOU (watch for the Gift below):


$ 600
  • 13 video lessons released weekly
  • Payment plan available below


$ 980
  • 13 video lessons released weekly
  • 13 Stereo Self-Hypnotic Recordings released weekly
  • Payment plan available below


$ 3300
  • 13 video lessons released weekly
  • 13 Stereo Self-Hypnotic Recordings released weekly
  • 6 Personal Hypnosis Sessions online with me
  • Ongoing support
  • 13 Homework reviews
  • Unlimited access
  • Payment plan available below

Freedom to Lose Weight


Freedom to Lose Weight


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